About us

My name is Lucia Hinz and I am your landlady. I have retired to this part of the world and live in the house. I enjoy hiking and tours on my motorbike so, if required, I can give you many hiking and biking tips.



Should you miss something in the flat or otherwise require help of any kind, please contact your landlady directly. She will be happy to help you further.

Please treat the contents of the holiday flat with due care. The guests following you will be grateful. If any damage should occur, please inform your landlady, at the latest on the day of your departure. Usually, such damage is quickly and easily dealt with through liability insurance.


Please wash your dishes, cutlery, pots and pans before leaving, i.e. please leave the kitchen as you would wish to find it on your next visit.


You are kindly requested to open the bathroom window after taking a shower in order to ventilate the room and prevent the formation of mould.

Please do not dispose of any left-over food or other items in the toilet, shower or wash-hand basin (risk of blockage). Please use the waste bin.

Non-smoking flat

Smoking is not permitted in the holiday flat. A fee of € 200 plus cleaning costs will be charged should this rule be breached. If you need to smoke, please do it outside on the terrace.

Due diligence

Please shut all windows and doors before leaving the holiday flat. The landlady is not liable for any losses due to burglary or theft.

Please also check that all lights and the oven, cooker and iron are switched off before leaving the premises.


The landlady is not liable for any valuables or clothing.


The guest will receive at least one key. Should the key be lost, the door lock must be replaced. The guest bears the costs of the replacement.


Please do not re-programme the television.

Please remove dirty shoes before entering the flat.